Symantec Secure One Services

Service Overview

SCOPE Middle East is an accredited Symantec Secure One Services Partner, which means that we can serve as the primary support contact for end users of Symantec products. Our cleared engineering team provides tier 1, 2 and 3 support for all Symantec products we sell. Being a Secure One Services Partner allows SCOPE ME to support businesses that have an existing technical support infrastructure and service business model to team up with Symantec’s Global Support Centers (GSC’s) for the provision of technical support to End Users in the form of frontline Level 1 and Level 2 Support.

What Level 1, 2, & 3 Consist Of

Level 1 Support consists of basic Helpdesk functions such as call logging, contract entitlement verification, software version checking, initial problem verification, and debug data collection. At this level it is also expected that simple “How To” and navigational questions are handled along with basic administration functions of the products supported. This also includes troubleshooting configuration, connectivity issues and simplistic break-fix scenarios.

Level 2 Support consists of escalation handling of Level 1 issues. Level 2 Support means the ability to:

  • Resolve the majority of misconfigurations troubleshoot and simulate complex configuration, hardware, and software problems.
  • Provide problem isolation and determination of product specification defects; provide lab simulation, and interoperability and compatibility testing for new software and hardware releases prior to being deployed to an End User production network.
  • Ownership, creation and implementation of resolution action plans with End Users, including debugging diagnostic information generated during all testing phases.
  • Creating escalation templates with all findings explained and debug data generated ready for Symantec Level 3 Support to be engaged to ensure a quick integration between SCOPE Middle East and Symantec Support. Technical Enablement for provision of Level 2 Support is available to SCOPE ME through the Secure One Services Online Access portal, Online Knowledge Base, Technical Portal access (Online Training, Advanced Diagnostic Tools, etc.), Technical Forum participation.

Level 3 Support is provided by Symantec through SCOPE ME. Direct access Level 3 Support starts with SCOPE ME escalation of reported issues. The Symantec engineer will, based on the initial analysis of SCOPE ME technical team, further troubleshoot the issue and involve the required resources to lead the issue to timely resolution. This may include providing software enhancements to resolve issues, such as patches and hot fixes, and fixing or providing workarounds caused by software bugs experienced..

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